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Bishop Timothy McDonnell My Brothers in Christ,

Last October, in one of his morning meditations, Pope Francis made the following point: I would like all of us to look today to Jesus, who prays. Jesus is a person, he is a man with flesh like our own but he is in glory. Jesus retains the marks of his wounds in his hands, his feet and his side. And when he prays, he shows the Father the price of our justification and he prays for us… This is why when we pray we say "Through Our Lord, Jesus Christ, your Son." For he is the first to pray, he is our brother, he is our intercessor."

With that in mind, Pope Francis invited those present to contemplate this reality and to thank the lord, "Let us tell him, 'Lord, you are our intercessor, you have saved me and now you pray for me.' and let us entrust our problems and our lives to him, for he brings them to the Father."

At the Men's Conference we have the opportunity for prayer, for affirmation, information and contemplation.  We have an opportunity as men to realize that Christ is meant to be seen in us. I pray this Conference is a benefit to you and all those you love, in making Jesus more real in your lives and helping you to show that to others.

With my prayers and best wishes,
In Christ,

Most Rev. Bishop Timothy McDonnell

Conference 2014

March 29, 2014

Bellamy School, Chicopee, MA

This year's speakers:
Sean Patrick Cardinal O'Malley, Vinny Flynn, Bryan Mercier,
and Ralph Martin

Jason Free

Your Host:
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